Can you really write a non-fiction book in 60 days?

I taught a short class this past week with two good strategies to get you started on writing a non-fiction book. The replay just now became available, on a promotional page, and I am sharing it here in case you'd like to watch. It is just under 30 minutes long. Let me know what you... Continue Reading →

Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?” “Are we there yet?”  Who of us has not heard those plaintive words while travelling with children?  That impatient, tired of waiting, filled with anticipation and a bit of frustration voice from the back seat of the car. But I’m thinking of us adults today and how often we wonder if... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Feelings – What To Do?

There is no doubt that just as our thoughts are energy, so are our feelings and sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between the two of them. Especially with those thoughts, those feelings we consider to be negative ones. Take for example, the feeling of shame. It’s a feeling that engenders a whole slew of thoughts.... Continue Reading →

Be Present – Be Here

My dear friend, a being so present. This is perhaps the greatest challenge of the abused child. At a young age, we learn to survive by not being present - by going away somewhere else. And yet, perhaps we are more truly present than others. Able to step out of the flow of "how are... Continue Reading →

A Fenced-in Garden

To be stillin quietnessin crowdsStillness ascenteredheart placeThe stillnessof the mindcan only happenin the stillnessof the heartThe heart canbe the gateof the mindThe gate needsto be closedor the mindsimply allowsall and everythingto enterits courtyardBetter to closethe gatethan to spendone's lifesweeping outdebriscleaning upafter guests andintrudersThe mind allowsfree passageto everyoneand everythingThe heart asksare you aninvited guest?The mindfears lossand... Continue Reading →

My Choice / Your Choice

Two souls drink out of the same stream.   One is refreshed and strengthened to continue their journey, the other curses the circumstances that have led them to drink from a stream rather than in the comfort of a home.   One says a prayer of thankfulness and blesses the stream for her gift. One stands up... Continue Reading →

“Choose your friends wisely” we were taught when young. And yet, looking back on it, that advice was more about not hanging out with those who smoked, drank or did drugs, skipped school or got pregnant. Not that those are behaviours to ignore but in the long run, they were asking us to focus on... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I took it off the shelf in my bedroom from its place of honour. I sat on the floor holding it tenderly in my hands remembering the time I sat outside the city gates dirty and broken while you passed by gathering your skirts so nothing of you would come in contact with who... Continue Reading →

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